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Free Shipping in U.S.

Buy with PRIME is a leading developer of all natural, high quality supplements for people and pets from organic whole foods. To further expand our global reach, we've teamed up with the folks at to deliver an effective affiliate marketing program that puts more money in your pockets while also driving more visitors to your website or blog.

Why Partner with MoxyVites? Monetize your site while directing customers to ours, introducing them to our premium supplements. MoxyVites gives you all the tools to succeed, including up-to-date product feeds, text links, a wide variety of banners and creatives.  Introducing your audience to an established name in the industry like MoxyVites is a sure way to gain loyalty, boost brand recognition, and keep them coming back for more great advice. Sound easy enough? That's because it is! The process is simple and the results are undeniable.  

Commission up to 20% of Sale

Cookie duration up to 60 days

 Timely Product Feed Updates
 Quality Banners & Text Ads
 Dedicated Affiliate Manager

    Here's How It Works:

    APPLY HERE to get started.
    Once approved, direct your visitors to our site.
    Collect your cash on qualifying sales.
      Three simple steps are all that's standing between you, a bigger wallet and a busier website. If you're inexperienced with affiliate marketing, have no worries! We'll get you started by providing you with links, banners, images, technical specifications for products, tools, and the support you need to create a successful affiliate website. We'll handle all the orders, shipping, customer billing, and customer service while ShareASale independently tracks all the sales, pays your commissions, and provides you with special reports detailing your click-through rate, orders and payouts. If you have any questions about partnering with us, please reach out to for more information. We look forward to working together to enrich our communities' online shopping and browsing experience!