PQQ MITORESTORE Brain Supplements for Memory and Focus with BioPQQ

Product Benefits:     Cognitive Health, Brain Health,Cellular Health, Longevity & Anti-aging

Special Ingredients: Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (BioPQQ® from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical), Bioperine, Organic Japanise Knotweet Root, Organic Lecitine Oil, Vitamin D3

Diet Type:                 vegan

Item form:                 capsule

Flavor:                       none

Unit Count:               30

Monthly Supply:       1 month

  • PQQ-MITORESTORE CONTAINS THE PUREST FORM of pyrroloquinoline quinone. Not all PQQ is the same. Our supplement is produced naturally through bacterial fermentation and NOT through chemical synthesis like many other brands (which may involve the use of toxic compounds). It contains Organic Japanese Knotweed Root (Resveratrol), is highly bioavailable plus enhanced absorption for maximum efficacy. Maximum benefits can be achieved when using the highest quality form of PQQ.
  • SUPPORTS MITOCHONDRIA PRODUCTION: Mitochondria are the organelles that produce almost all of the cellular energy the body requires. Organs such as the brain and heart have high energy demands and are particularly dense with mitochondria. Research has shown that a quality PQQ can slow down the degeneration and aids with new production of mitochondria.
  • HELPS KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP: helps support the central nervous system with existing mitochondria, while promoting the production of new mitochondria and helps prevent brain cells from damage & cellular energy. Encouraging nerve growth and higher levels of mitochondria is important to your brains performance and longevity, and combined with Huperzine A, it helps support mental clarity, memory & recall.
  • HIGH ABSORPTION: PQQ-MITORESTORE combines BioPerine, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic sunflower Lecithin Oil, Organic Japanese Knotweed Root (Resveratrol) and Vitamin D3 for increased absorption and optimal efficacy. We can’t prevent the aging process, but we can certainly do our best to delay it.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Formulated with BioPQQ, fermented naturally and NOT through any chemical synthesis (as other brands), enhanced absorption, all vegan, NON-GMO, gluten free.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: We proudly manufacture all our supplements in the USA! Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and adheres to the highest quality control standards.
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED: As a professional grade supplement company we have every raw ingredient tested for purity and quality, so you can take it with confidence and without any risk.